2017 Southeast PA USBC Open Championship

Southeast PA USBC’s Open Championship was held at Erie Lanes in Philadelphia the first two weekend of April 2017. Thank you to everyone to bowled!!

Congratulations to the following Greater Philadelphia Region Adult Champions:


Team – Fellowship Bowling League #1 – MacDade Bowl – $1,000
Doubles – Donna Gensemer & Ellis Knight – Facenda-Whitaker Lanes – $565
Singles – Anna Marie Bonner – Sproul Lanes – $425
All Events – Donald Powers – Downingtown Bowling Palace – $135


Team – The Thumbless Wonders – Erie Lanes – $800
Doubles – Ryan Appel & David Adams, Jr – Erie Lanes – $425
Singles – Quinn Baldrige – Wynnewood Lanes – $365
All Events – Quinn Baldrige – Wynnewood Lanes – $115

Click here for the FINAL STANDINGS.

Click here for the Southeast PA USBC Honor Score Coin Side Pot Tracking.

If anyone has questions or see a need for a correction, please contact the office at southeastpausbc@gmail.com.

Have a great rest of the 2016-2017 bowling season!!

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