Bowling Revolutions Clinic Coming Soon!!

March 8, 2017

Attention Bowlers…
Ameleto Monacelli, Bob Learn, Jr and other Professional Bowlers and USBC Certified Silver Coaches will be holding a Adult & Youth Bowling Clinic at Downingtown Bowling Palace on September 17th called Bowling Revolutions
There will be two sessions, one in the morning for Adults and Advanced Youth Bowlers and one in the afternoon for all youth bowlers. Registration starts on March 18th.
Adults cost will be $50 if you registered prior to 6/30, it will cost $60 after 7/1 so register early.
Youth Bowlers, as a benefit of being a member of a Southeast PA USBC Certified Youth Program, their bowlers are free. If you are not a member of a Southeast PA USBC Youth Program, ask your coaches and youth coordinators how they can join us. We offer many benefits for our youth bowlers and administrative time savings for the youth program coordinators.
Spots will be limited, for more information, you may contact Lorna London at, Donald Powers at or the Southeast PA USBC office at for for information.
Registration start March 18th.
-Southeast PA USBC and Southeast PA USBC Youth Committee

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