2018 Southeast PA USBC Open Championships


Southeast PA USBC’s 2018 Open Championships will be held this season at Facenda Whitaker Lanes in East Norriton, PA. This 50 lane bowling center has hosted many tournaments in their history including the 60th PSBA State Championships in 1999 and our Open Championships back in 2015.

The prize ratio for the Team, Doubles & Singles events is 1 place paid for every 4 entries. The prize ratio for the All Events (optional) event is 1 place paid for every 6 entries.

The tournament for the 2017-2018 season will be held on April 14th, 15th, 21st & 22nd, 2018. Again for this season, we will be putting out a Kegel Challenge Series oil pattern for the bowlers to compete on while trying their best to win the championship. Last season’s tournament at Erie Lanes was bowled on Kegel’s Big Ben pattern. The lane pattern for this season’s Open Championships will be Kegel’s Stonehenge Lane Pattern. A link to the lane pattern graph is here.

Click here to see the UNOFFICIAL STANDINGS after week 1 of the tournament!!


New this year, after feedback received from Adult tournament participants last season, we will be enforcing the 10-pin rule. (USBC Rule 319(a)2) Based on the success and popularity of the Southeast PA USBC Challenge Coin Discount & Side Pots, Women who are Challenge Coin holders (300 games / 700 series (women & youth) / 800 series bowled in Southeast PA USBC) will receive a $5 discount per entry per event for their first entry ($20 potential discount total) and the High Scratch All Events bowler and High Scratch Game bowlers will each earn $200.

The cost of the tournament will be $140 per team and $140 for Singles & Doubles (one pair of bowlers). All Events’ cost to enter is $10 per bowler and is optional. We at Southeast PA USBC strive to run our tournaments with the least amount of expense fees possible. The Open Championships is no different. New this season, In The Pocket Pro Shop at Facenda is sponsoring the tournament and providing eight bowling balls, one for each squad, to be raffled at the tournament. For more information regarding In the Pocket Pro Shop, call 484-674-1675. There will also be 50/50s to help defray the costs of running the tournament. We do not charge an excessive amount of administrative expense fees and dedicate most of the entry fees towards the prize fund.

Below is a link to the entry application for the 2018 Southeast PA USBC Open Championships:

Click here to download the entry application.

The entry application for the tournament is being finalized and will be posted soon. Check back here to reserve your entry, download the entry application and read the rules for the premier Philadelphia championship.

There are many ways to register for the tournament. When reserving an entry, you do not need to pay for it until before you bowl. You can fax the completed entry for to 610-544-4451. You can also email the completed entry to southeastpausbc@gmail.com. You can call us at our office at 610-544-4713 to register over the telephone (during regular business hours). You can mail the completed entry application to:

Southeast PA USBC Association
C/O Facenda-Whitaker Lanes
2912 Swede Road
East Norriton, PA 19401

Finally, you can use our online registration system (most popular) below:



If you have questions, call our office at 610-544-4713 or email southeastpausbc@gmail.com.



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