JUNE 1, 2018

Southeast PA USBC’s Board of Directors approved Senior League Discount policy is below:

The Southeast PA USBC adult local dues are $12.00 per each member certifying through this association. Our bylaws allow the association to waive all or part of the local adult dues/youth processing fee for other groups, such as seniors, etc, as determined by the Board. The association would like to recognize the long-standing support of its senior bowlers through this policy.

With respect to SENIOR LEAGUES, it is the policy of this association to offer a discount of $5.00 to individuals who meet the age criteria of senior and bowl within a designated senior league. The cost of membership for seniors would be as follows:

Local dues portion: $7.00
National dues portion: $13.00
State: $0.00
Total: $20.00

Criteria for Senior Discount:

  • The League must certify as a Senior League when processing USBC memberships.
  • A bowler in the league must meet the age requirement of 50 as of 8/1 of the season to qualify for the discount.
  • All members of the league must obtain USBC certification.
  • Any bowler who participates in any other league(s) must certify through the senior league first to be eligible for the discount. The senior will not be responsible for the difference between the senior and regular adult local dues if he/she joins another league.

Board Approved Policy: 4/8/2018
Policy Effective Date: 8/1/2017

If anyone has questions regarding our Senior League Discount policy, please email our office at


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