May 6, 2019

Southeast PA USBC members,

Below is a list of our standing committees and potential ad hoc committees to be created by the incoming officers and subject to board approval. All committees for the 2019-2020 season will start on August 1st when the new season begins. We value input from our members and would appreciate anyone who has skills and ideas in any of the areas listed. Included is a brief description of each committee. If you are interested in volunteering, please select one or more that you would like to join. Any current Southeast PA USBC members may serve on a committee or multiple committees. We welcome and encourage all volunteers who want to donate their time. If you are interested in volunteering, please reply to southeastpausbc@gmail.com.

2019-2020 List of Standing Committees

  • Finance/Budget/Audit: provides specific oversight regarding ongoing fiscal stability of our association, assisting in budget preparation and coordination of annual audit/financial review. (Budget Preparation is the primary responsibility of the Association Manager with assistance from committee volunteers.)
  • Youth Committee: responsible for identifying programs and services that meet the needs of our association’s youth bowlers. Staffs youth tournaments and other youth-specific activities. The Youth Committee is a requirement for Youth Directors.

2019-2020 List of Potential Ad Hoc Committees

  • Association Representation: creates structure from enhancing communication between the board and league level association members. Identifies and works with individuals on the league level who will act as communicators on behalf of the association.
  • Awards: works with Association Manager to identify and recommend association awards recognition items and programs (achievement and honor score awards).
  • Coaching: develops and implements coaching clinics/seminars/events throughout the association.
  • Hall of Fame: helps select new members, coordinate, and plan the Hall of Fame luncheon and ceremony when directed by the board of directors. Also works as an outreach to current Hall of Famers and write a written history for the association for our website.
  • Human Resources: provides oversight for office staff with and includes performance appraisals and feedback following the Southeast PA USBC policies and procedures. The committee also assists the Association Manager in writing and maintain the association’s Operations Manual.
  • Lane Certifications: responsible for the annual inspections of our centers to ensure all lanes meet the specifications required by the USBC (April through August).
  • Nominating: reviews candidate resumes, prepares slates and develops criteria and procedures for elected positions of the board.
  • Policy / Bylaws: works to identify needs and creates policies which standardize association practices. The association keeps it’s at the office. The committee also works as outreach and assists any current member write new proposed bylaws to be voted on at our annual general membership meeting. We hold our annual membership meeting typically in the May or June timeframe.
  • Seniors: works as an outreach to our association’s senior membership by representing that membership groups’ interests for the association.
  • Tournament: assists tournament director with rules and decisions for the operation of Southeast PA USBC adult tournaments. Members are also responsible for staffing all youth and adult tournaments as needed.
  • Ways & Means: implement fundraising initiatives for the association. Works with the Association Manager to conduct all fundraising activities in a fair and transparent manner.

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