All Southeast PA USBC BOWLERS…

Notice of Bowling Center Transfers to the Bucks County USBC Association

(Bowlero Feasterville, T-Bird Castor, T-Bird Holme Ave, Pike Lanes)

Our Board of Directors was notified that four Centers had submitted requests to transfer their affiliation from Southeast PA USBC to the Bucks County USBC. Their requests were approved by USBC National; effective 8/1/19

This change will affect bowlers who participate in leagues at these four Centers and….Centers that are affiliated with the Southeast PA USBC. A bowler’s affiliation will be determined by where (which league) they complete their membership card and pay their membership fee. Our dues are $25 standard adult; $20 senior league* and $4 youth membership.

You may be affected in the following way(s):

  • When joining the secondary league, you will have to pay an additional local association fee (Southeast PA USBC- $12.00 or Bucks County- ?).
  • Your association affiliation will determine the awards, recognition, service and programs you are entitled to on the local level.
  • Should you wish to bowl in a tournament outside your association affiliation, you can be charged the local association fee for participation.
  • Any issues will be handled by the association you are affiliated with.

Please direct any questions or comments to:

Alva Turner, Southeast PA USBC President

Southeast PA USBC Directors will be attending meetings in various Center locations to discuss this and other information related to our operations.

We are looking forward to a successful year

*Senior league membership discount- all league members must be 50+ years of age and older. The league must certify as a Senior League when processing USBC memberships

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