Southeast PA USBC Hall of Fame


Michelle Arrington
Daniel Carroll
Yvette Jones
Yvonne Jones
Carl Lorenz
Norman Owens
Richard Soanes
William Wolfe
John Ziolowski

Class of 2009

Anne Pescatore
Gary Simmons
Anthony Taormina
Mario Verizilli
James R. Wallace, Sr.

Class of 2002

Joyce Deussing
Margaret Devine
Estelle Goldman
Edna Kammler
Roseann Pettinato
Lillian Trump
Myra Uhlen
Mary Walsh

Class of 1999

Steve Brown
Albert J. Snite
Vincent C. Spina

Class of 1993

Frank Dunn
Nick Francis, Sr.
John McDermott
Jack Winters

Class of 1991

John Conner
Peter ‘Reds’ Gabriele
Francis J. Ward

Class of 1989

Dominic Guerrera, Sr.
Ted Hoffman, Jr.
Larry K. Landis
Frank W. Sena, MD

Class of 1987

Lorenzo B. Fauntleroy
A. Morton Fenner
Carl Rukert
John P. Till
Horace Walker

Class of 1985

Tony Durbano
Dick Jones
William Lindsay
Pat Porrini
Buddy Tierno

Class of 1983

Daniel J. Brigidi, Sr.
Frances W. Harris
Daniel Spada
Ruth Waldner
Sadie Dixon Waters
Charles B. Winn, Jr.

Class of 1981

Dominic C. DiCicco
Helen Eddy
Marie Fields
Lorraine Kleposki
Joseph C. Nagy, Sr.

Class of 1980

Henry J. Lapinski
Vincent Mazzanti, Sr.
Edith Orpin
Mary G. Palermo
Mabel B. Short
William Stevens

Class of 1979

Mazie L. Brickson
Gertrude Brockway
Helen M. Doersch
J. Harry Frederick
Mary Frederick
Helen B. Kepler
J. Tilton Lake
Sylvia W. Martin
K. William Ostrom
Mary S. Slessler

Class of 1978

Charles J. Butera
Harvey S. Detweiler
William R. Groom
Andrew J. Nicholas

Class of 1977

Warren Chadwick
Leroy F. Gollatz
William Knox
Jack Kreifels
Joseph J. Ostroski
C. Franklin Thompson
Edgar T. Winchester

2 thoughts on “Southeast PA USBC Hall of Fame

  1. My moms Great Uncle was part of class 1978 William Groom. We have one of his rings and was wondering if you guys would be interested if you have some kind of connection to a hall of fame to put it in. It was my grandfather’s request before he recently passed away that this is to go to a good place and we thought about trying to reach out to you guys or anyone who would be interested in having it for a display or something in that terms.


    1. Hello,
      If you would like to call our office at 610-544-4713 during regular business hours, we would be happy to discuss any memorabilia you may have regarding William Groom.
      Have a great day.
      -Southeast PA USBC


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