Southeast PA USBC Officials


Joe Nawn





Joseph Nawn (term expires 7/31/2019)

Vice President

John Rux





John Rux (term expires 7/31/2019)


Rachel Wilf v6

Rachel Wilf (term expires 7/31/2019)


Jacqueline Carrol V5

Jacqueline Carroll (term expires 7/31/2019)


Larry Del Vecchio (term expires 7/31/2020)

Chuck Gentile





Charles Gentile (term expires 7/31/2019)

Patrick Lark V4

Patrick Lark (term expires 7/31/2020)

Daniel Malis (term expires 7/31/2019)

Jack McMenamin v4

Jack McMenamin (term expires 7/31/2018)

Marc Pujol V6

Marc Pujol (term expires 7/31/2020)

William Rushton (term expires 7/31/2018)

Gary Simmons (term expires 7/31/2020)

Eva Smerecki v2

Eva Smerecki (term expires 7/31/2019)

Youth Directors

Tim Bolden

Timmonthy Bolden (term expires 7/31/2018)

Lisa Johnson 5

Lisa Johnson (term expires 7/31/2020)

Donald Powers (term expires 7/31/2019)

Shawn Webster (term expires 7/31/2018)

Association Manager

Scott Michaud v4
Scott Michaud


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